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Alabama Divorce Laws

Alabama Divorce Laws

Use this page to research Alabama divorce laws that are relevant to your situation. It is always a good idea to be prepared before talking with your Alabama divorce lawyer. This page provides you with Alabama Divorce Law information to assist you in your research.

Alabama Child Support Laws

The first step in receiving Alabama child support is actually establishing child support. In Alabama, this is done by obtaining a court order that verifies the quantity of medical support and required payments. The non-custodial parent that is fleeing child support payments must be located. Often times the non-custodial parents will relocate to different states in order to avoid payments. In these cases, agencies are available to help in locating the absent parent.

Alabama Child Visitation Laws

In Alabama, child visitation rights are defined by the trial courts, who have broad latitude. It is in these courts discretion on issues such as providing a specific schedule, allowing child visitation rights, enabling the non-custodial parent to visit the child at reasonable times and places, and to ensure the children's health, education, and welfare. On cases where each parent has already agreed to having no visitation, the court may still grant visitation rights. If one of the parents interferes with visitation rights, the trial courts may force the offending parent to post performance bonds to assure that the court's orders are complied with.

Alabama Child Custody Laws

When the Alabama court has legally granted a divorce, it may give child custody to the mother or the father. The factors that determine this correspond to the moral character and prudence of the parents, and the age and sex of the children. Using these factors, the Alabama court makes the child custody orders with the safety and well-being of the children in mind. If the mother or father has abandoned the other, the abandoned parent will have custody after the child is seven years old if suitable.

Alabama Property Division Laws

In Alabama property division laws, a signed Marital Settlement Agreement is usually used to settle property and debt issues. For other cases, the Alabama Circuit Court orders the property award within the Judgment of Divorce. Alabama is known as an "equitable distribution" state. If each party can not come to a settlement, the Circuit Court has a specific procedure that it must follow. It will first go through a discovery process where it will classify what all is considered marital. Second, it assigns a dollar value on the property and debt discovered in the first step. Finally, it distributes all marital assets to each party. It is important to note that equitable does not mean equal, it is what the Alabama Circuit Court deems to be fair.

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