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Arkansas Divorce Laws

Arkansas Divorce Laws

Use this page to research Arkansas divorce laws that are relevant to your situation. It is always a good idea to be prepared before talking with your Arkansas divorce lawyer. This page provides you with Arkansas Divorce Law information to assist you in your research.

Arkansas Child Support Laws

In Arkansas child support law, guidelines are setup that use the Percentage of Income formula in order to calculate what the child support obligation is. The formula is defined as a percentage of the non-custodial parent income that is supporting the child. It applies the income percentage to the total number of children that need child support.

Arkansas Child Visitation Laws

Arkansas child visitation law states that each parent has the opportunity to define their own child visitation schedule that is subject to the Arkansas court's approval. When this is not possible, the Arkansas court has the ability to define the child visitation schedule that is in the best interests of the children, and also best interest of the non-custodial parent. Generally, the Arkansas districts and judges have a standard visitation schedule that they apply to most cases.

Arkansas Child Custody Laws

The main goal of Arkansas child custody law is to lessen the emotional trama that the minor children are experiencing. In situations where the parents are unable to agree upon the terms of child custody, the Arkansas courts are forced to establish a child custody order that is at its discretion.

Arkansas Property Division Laws

In Arkansas property division law, each spouse is entitled to half of all the marital property. Marital property includes real property, personal property, stocks, bonds, life insurance policies, and retirement plans. Basically, it is everything that was acquired during the marriage. Exceptions to this rule are inheritance and gifts.

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