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California Divorce Laws

California Divorce Laws

Use this page to research California divorce laws that are relevant to your situation. It is always a good idea to be prepared before talking with your California divorce lawyer. This page provides you with California Divorce Law information to assist you in your research. You can also read the California Divorce Legislation article for more information.

California Child Support Laws

In California child support law, each parent is legally obligated to support their children financially. The California courts have the jurisdiction to order each parent to provide child support payments to ensure the health and well-being of the children. The Department of Child Support Services administers the California child support agency, and provides help to each parent in establishing paternity, establishing, enforcing, and modifying child support orders, locating a non-custodial parent and collecting and distributing child support payments.

California Child Visitation Laws

In California child visitation law, issues must be handled by the California courts, as the Department of Child Support Services only handles child support issues. In most cases, the non-custodial parent is able to visit with the children at specific periods of time, such as alternating weekends, one evening per night, or one-half of the school vacations of the children.

California Child Custody Laws

California child custody law enables the California courts to make a child custody order while the child is a minor “that seems necessary or proper.” Although the California courts have a broad jurisdiction, it is guided primarily by two statutory principles. The first being the safety and welfare of the children, and the second being that each parent has frequent and continuing contact with the children.

California Property Division Laws

California is considered a “community property state,” which means that California property division law defines all of the property that was acquired in the duration of the marriage is considered community property. Exceptions include gifts, inheritances, or property and assets acquired after the filing of divorce or separation papers.

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