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The Effects of Divorce and Pregnancy!

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By StraightDivorce Staff on 2/22/2008

I can’t imagine anything more worrisome to a woman than being faced with divorce while expecting a child, yet sadly enough, it happens far more often than you’d think. In fact, a friend of mine is currently going through the hardest time of her life, as just days after discovering she was pregnant, she decided it was time for a divorce. What prompts a woman to consider divorce when she’s pregnant and is it difficult to get a divorce when a woman is with child?

Can a Couple Get Divorced When Pregnant?

While it may seem peculiar to grant divorce when a person is pregnant, in most states a couple can file for divorce if the wife is pregnant. But since the laws are different in every state, it’s important to check the laws where you reside to find out whether you can file for divorce in your particular state. For example, those living in the state of Florida cannot file for divorce while the wife is pregnant whereas in Texas, you can file for divorce if you are pregnant, but the divorce cannot be finalized until the child is born. This law is in place so as to assure child support and child custody issues are handled appropriately. In other states such as Ohio, Arkansas, Missouri and Arizona, a divorce will not be granted if the woman is pregnant. Divorce can occur in many states, with areas of most concern surrounding legalities involving paternity, custody, visitation and support.

Why People File For Divorce When Pregnant

The reasons found for filing for divorce when pregnant often show either party as very unhappy and after trying everything possible to make their marriage work, they realize things aren’t going to change. Rather than struggling with a bad relationship, often the wife files for divorce because she can’t bear the thought of bringing up a child in an unpleasant situation. Other times, women file for divorce when they’re pregnant if the relationship is so difficult they become worried about their own health as well as the health of the unborn child.

Divorcing When Pregnant

Divorce is a critical experience and should not be entered into lightly, but if you are dealing with a very difficult circumstance, regardless of the fact that you are pregnant, it might be better for all concerned to file for divorce. My position on this matter is that no one should have to go through upheaval and turmoil especially when they are pregnant, so when couples cannot get along, filing for divorce could often be the best decision. If a couple has tried everything including counseling to save the marriage, but find that nothing works, it’s probably best to end the marriage by getting a divorce. It might be more challenging to raise a child alone, but when considering the lesser of two evils, it’s often better for a pregnant woman to go it alone. Children are not happier when two discontented people stay together for the sake of the child.

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