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Divorce Process

As a component of the overall divorce website, the primary function of the divorce process section is to help provide information about what goes on during the divorce process. From filing for divorce to the final divorce decree, we have it covered.

Divorce Process Topics

Overview of The Divorce Process

Nearly 50% of all marriages end in divorce, yet for the most part, many of those people don’t realize what the divorce process entails. Initially, the divorce process will address the determination of immediate or temporary issues such as custody, support, where each will live, and financial matters. More often than not, people can resolve these issues with the help of a divorce attorney but sometimes, it is necessary for the court to resolve the issues, making a court hearing necessary. If you are one of those people considering divorce or are ready to file divorce proceedings, not only can a divorce lawyer help you through the divorce process, but because there are so many legal variables to consider, a family law attorney can lead you on a plain path without taking you through any wrong turns.

The Divorce Process

When it comes to getting a divorce, each person finds him or herself facing an array of challenging situations. If you are about to go through a divorce and you’re feeling concerned or insecure, you can get all the straight answers you need and the help you deserve from a family law lawyer in your area. Before taking any action, be sure to retain the services of a matrimonial attorney sponsored by StraightDivorce.com, and rest assured that you, your children, your finances and your assets will all be protected.

Preparing for the Divorce Process

One of the most important aspects of getting a divorce is having the proper guidance when it comes to child custody and division of debts & assets. If you don’t have this kind of guidance, you could wind up making mistakes that might never be rectified. For example, when a couple has been married for a long time and children are involved or there is a large amount of debt and property that is going to be divided, the divorce process will most likely entail a lot of complexities and legal details. In contrast, when a divorce is being filed between people that have not been married too long, have no children and few debts have incurred, the divorce process will be relatively easy. When both parties agree, things go much smoother and faster but when couples don’t agree, the process is much slower.

When Does Divorce Start?

As soon as your divorce attorney prepares a divorce petition, he or she will then file the petition with the clerk of the court in your state. It is at that point that your divorce process actually begins. And because each state has different laws, each divorce case is prepared according to the legal requirements in your own state. Just as soon as the petition has been served, the person receiving the petition (Respondent) must respond within a certain period of time. The Respondent can deny or disagree with claims made in the petition if they so choose. Usually when children are involved, or debts, assets and property are involved, couples rarely agree and the divorce may be contested. If the Respondent doesn’t contest the divorce, the divorce moves forward as uncontested.

The Final Phase of Divorce

In the final phase of the divorce, a case is resolved either through settlement or trial. In most instances, cases are settled through compromise without going to trial, as long as both parties agree. When issues related to child custody cases cannot be settled, they will have to be tried in a court before a Judge. Once the Judge hears evidence about the case, he or she decides which way things will go. In some instances it has been known for a Judge to make an error, at which time an appeal can be made and brought before the appellate court. On average a divorce case can last about nine months. If the couple settles and they have agreed on terms, usually a divorce case is over within six weeks. Typically, when a case is tried, it usually takes about a year and half to finish, although in some instances when there are many issues and difficulties that are unsettled, it can take years to resolve.

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