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After being married for a number of years, you are finding yourself unhappy and giving thought to divorce. Although you’ve tried counseling and done everything possible to work out your issues, the relationship has changed and you find that your marriage is no longer fulfilling your needs. Being in a difficult marriage is one of the most painful experiences to endure and therefore we at StraightDivorce.com believe in the choice to dissolve a marriage. To that end, the Alaska divorce lawyers sponsored at StraightDivorce.com are available to assist you through the divorce process. We know that making the decision to divorce is a painstaking decision, but we also believe that if you’ve given it your best and are ready to divorce, you should have access to a divorce lawyer that can help. And because there are many things to consider when getting a divorce, such as child custody, child support, spousal support, debt arrangements and division of property, the Alaskan Divorce attorneys sponsored by StraightDivorce.com will make sure you’re fully prepared for everything relative to the divorce process.

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Grounds for Divorce in the State of Alaska

Just as it is in every state, divorce filed in the state of Alaska has specific grounds that allow for the divorce to be granted. The Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is the initial document filed with the Alaska court. It is in this document that the filing spouse will request the court to terminate the marriage under certain specified grounds. Spouses may petition jointly for dissolution of marriage on the grounds of incompatibility causing an irremediable breakdown of the marriage if they have agreed to property distribution, support, custody, and visitation. If one is the petitioner, other grounds for divorce in Alaska fall under the category of failure to consummate the marriage at the time of the marriage and continuing at the commencement of the action, adultery, conviction of a felon and willful desertion for a period of one year. Additional grounds include habitual gross drunkenness since the marriage and continuing for one year, incurable mental illness with the spouse being confined to an institution for a period of at least 18 months and addiction of either party with the habitual use of opium, morphine, cocaine, or a similar drug.

Residency Requirements

Since state law governs divorce, it is required that those filing for divorce must meet specific residency requirements in order to file for a divorce in the state of Alaska. It is most common that people filing for a divorce, file in the county in which they live. In order to file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage in Alaska, parties involved must make sure the Superior Court has jurisdiction over the case. The most common way spouses are eligible to use a specific court system is by meeting the residency requirements. Meeting the Alaska residency requirements is generally only a concern for a spouse who has recently moved or is planning to move in the near future. The filing requirements maintain that the spouse who is filing for the dissolution of marriage must be a resident of the state of Alaska at the time of filing. Any person who is serving in a military branch of the United States government who has been continuously stationed at a military base or installation in the state of Alaska for at least 30 days is considered a resident of the state.

Distribution of Property in the State of Alaska

Because Alaska is an “Equitable Distribution” state, all marital property is divided in an equitable fashion according to the court. According to Alaska law, “equitable” is defined as what is fair but not necessarily equal. To automatically assume that the marital property is divided 50-50 is not a correct assumption. In Alaska, property and debt issues are generally settled between the parties by a signed Marital Settlement Agreement or the property award is ordered and decreed by the Superior Court within the Decree of Dissolution of Marriage. If parties are unable to reach a settlement, the property will go through a discovery process to classify which property and debt is to be considered marital. Then the property is assigned a monetary value and finally the court will distribute the marital assets between the two parties in an equitable fashion. Some of the decisions made by the court are based on the length of the marriage, the age and health of the parties, the earning capacity of the parties and the financial condition of the parties.

When Choosing an Alaskan Divorce Attorney

At StraightDivorce.com, our sponsored Alaska Divorce lawyers handle every aspect of a divorce, starting with the first consultation all the way to the final divorce decree. It is always best to resolve issues directly with your soon to be ex partner, but it’s very important to have an Alaska divorce lawyer who can guide you through the process and negotiate a successful outcome. Because there are so many issues involving child support, child custody, property division and spousal support to consider, it’s best to choose the right Alaska divorce attorney, to be sure everything goes smoothly and in your favor. The sponsored attorneys at StraightDivorce.com are aggressive when needed yet compassionate to your needs. Simply locate an Alaska divorce attorney on this page by choosing the location closest to your Alaska address and very shortly an Alaska divorce lawyer will be available to represent you.

Finding an Alaskan Divorce Attorney

Finding and choosing the right Alaska Divorce attorney requires careful selection. At StraightDivorce.com, our sponsored attorneys understand all the rules, requirements and difficulties of the legal system in Alaska, therefore, the sponsored Attorneys at StraightDivorce.com are ready to help you retain custody of your children and help you keep your property.

About the Sponsored Divorce Attorneys at Straight Divorce

The Alaska divorce attorneys sponsored by StraightDivorce.com are available to answer any questions you may have about the divorce process. As well-informed Alaska divorce lawyers, the sponsoring attorneys at www.StraightDivorce.com have far-reaching knowledge about the law and everything having to do with divorce. Contact us and receive a no obligation consultation from an Alaska divorce lawyer. You can also fill out the free online divorce case review that will be promptly evaluated by a local Alaska Family Law attorney. Since you’re going to have to make a lot of decisions regarding your divorce, be sure to become educated about your rights Get straight answers from a Straight divorce-sponsoring Alaska divorce attorney. To schedule a consultation, fill out the free online divorce case review and an experienced Alaska divorce lawyer sponsored by Straight Divorce will contact you shortly.

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