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Based on new statistics, 43% of first marriages break up within 15 years, which means each year countless marriages end in divorce. But before deciding on whether or not to get a divorce in Arkansas, both spouses should talk things over together to be sure that the decision to divorce is the right thing for any particular situation. And while things can be overturned before the divorce is finalized, it is important to realize that the path to divorce can be very difficult.

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Arkansas is An Equitable Distribution State

Given the fact that Arkansas is an equitable distribution state, marital property in Arkansas is distributed equally to each party unless the court finds reasons for this division to be inequitable. Under Arkansas law, when deciding on equitable distribution, a lot depends upon several factors such as the length of the marriage, the age of the spouses, the condition of health, the station in life of each party, their employability and the amount of income of each spouse. Furthermore, the contribution of each spouse to the marital estate including the services of the person who acted in the homemaker role as well as the amount of debt, property and needs of each spouse is considered when determining distribution of marital property. Because of all the intricacies involved in an Arkansas divorce, it’s important to have a good Arkansas divorce lawyer on your side who can assist when it comes to debt settlement, child custody and child support.

Grounds For Divorce in the State of Arkansas

Starting divorce proceedings in the state of Arkansas begins with the Petition for Dissolution of a Marriage, which must declare the appropriate grounds for filing as well as meeting residency and filing requirements. In the state of Arkansas, the legal grounds for divorce fall under the categories of impotency, conviction of a felony, habitual drunkenness for one year, abuse which endangers the life of a spouse, adultery and incurable insanity causing a separation of three or more years. Furthermore, when a husband and wife have lived separate and apart from each other for eighteen (18) continuous months without cohabitation, the court shall grant an absolute decree of divorce at the suit of either party, whether the separation was the voluntary act of one party or by the mutual consent of both parties or due to the fault of either party or both parties. In addition, to filing for divorce in Arkansas, at least one party must reside in the state of Arkansas for 60 days and for 3 months before a divorce becomes finalized. The proceedings shall be in the county where the petitioner resides. If the petitioner is not a resident of Arkansas, then the proceedings shall be in the county where the defendant resides.

Child Custody and Child Support in the State of Arkansas

In Arkansas, the award of custody of a child is made without regard to the sex of a parent but solely in accordance with the welfare and best interest of the child, which includes, the preference of the child if the child is of an age and capacity to reason. The court also takes into account which party is more likely to allow frequent and continuing contact with the non-custodial parent. If a court order states that it is in the best interest of a child to award custody to a grandparent, the award of custody is made without regard to the sex of the grandparent. In determining a reasonable amount of child support, the court refers to the most recent revision of the family support chart. If the paying parent is not self-employed, payment is paid by a wage assignment. Child support continues until the child is 18 years of age unless the child has not graduated from high school or the child has a disability that prevents independent living.

Choosing an Arkansas Divorce Attorney

To assure that the divorce process goes smoothly, anyone going through a divorce should have qualified legal representation. At Straight Divorce, our Arkansas Divorce lawyers will assist clients with the filing of any and all litigation. In addition, the divorce attorneys research any changes to the law that have been made to Arkansas judicial marriage law, in addition to registering all assets to be divided. Furthermore, the Arkansas Divorce attorneys at Straight Divorce simplify the process as our divorce lawyers are prepared to handle all of the common issues relative to child custody, child support, alimony, spousal support as well as property division. Most important, the attorneys at Straight Divorce assure their clients of the best and most effective approach during the entire divorce process. To begin the divorce process, all that is required of the “petitioner” or the “respondent” is locating an Arkansas divorce attorney located on this page. The parties can choose the location closest to their Arkansas address and promptly a qualified Arkansas divorce attorney will be available to represent either party.

Finding an Arkansas Divorce Attorney

Without question, selecting the right Arkansas Divorce attorney is an extremely important decision. At Straight Divorce, our sponsored attorneys know exactly how to handle the divorce situation and that includes what to ask each client and how to address every situation so as to reach the best possible outcome. In addition, the sponsored divorce attorneys at Straight Divorce do everything in their legal power to assure that their clients do not lose their property or lose custody of the children, which is why Straight Divorce is confident that our sponsored attorneys will help to win your case. The divorce attorneys at Straight Divorce are ready, willing and able to provide their clients with all the straight answers so contact us today and see why we can help you from the very first step of the process all the way through the entire divorce procedure.

About the Divorce Attorneys at Straight Divorce

If you have any pressing questions or concerns, the sponsoring Arkansas divorce attorneys at Straight Divorce are available to answer any questions you may have about the divorce process. As experienced Arkansas divorce lawyers, the sponsoring attorneys of StraightDivorce.com have comprehensive knowledge about the law and everything pertaining to divorce. Our sponsored divorce attorneys are here to give their clients dynamic help and assistance, making sure that nothing is left to chance in regard to the divorce. Call us to set up an appointment for a free divorce consultation with an Arkansas Divorce attorney. There is never any obligation, plus everything discussed will be kept in the strictest of confidence. Let us share our expertise regarding divorce and family law by scheduling an appointment today.

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You can receive a free, no obligation consultation from an Arkansas Divorce lawyer. Fill out the free online divorce case review that will be promptly evaluated by a local Arkansas Family Law attorney. It’s important to become educated about your rights, especially if you want to make intelligent decisions about your divorce case. Get straight answers from a Straight divorce-sponsoring Arkansas divorce attorney. To schedule a consultation, fill out the free online divorce case review and an experienced Arkansas divorce lawyer sponsored by Straight Divorce will contact you shortly.

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