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Child Visitation

If you were able to look into the lives of every divorced couple with children, you would in all likelihood discover that everyone has at one time or another experienced child visitation issues. Having these types of problems is at the very least uncomfortable for most and painful for many. Since our children are so precious to us, it is necessary that we learn how to handle these fragile situations with tact and diplomacy.

Residential Versus Non-Custodial Parent

Sometimes a child simply doesn’t want to visit the non-residential parent, which puts the custodial parent in a very precarious situation. Because the nonresidential parent isn’t around every day, they may feel disgruntled or hurt thinking the custodial parent is trying to pull the child away. At other times plans and schedules change for the residential parent and they’re in a bind regarding visitation. How do we adjust to these situations? Do we force our child to visit regardless of how they feel? Do we ask our ex-partners if they are willing to make other arrangements? How are issues surrounding child visitation handled appropriately? Before making any decisions about these dilemmas, it’s best to speak with the sponsoring divorce attorneys at StraightDivorce.com so that problems are handled effectively.

Visitation is a Law

Simply stated, visitation is a state law and the child cannot decide if he or she is going to visit. They just have to go. Naturally, there are going to be times when kids resist visitation, but you cannot let a child decide to skip a visit with the non-custodial parent. Why? Because keeping the connection between both parents is important to the health and relationship between parent and child. Of course if there is a real problem about visitation, it’s important to listen to the child and try to find out what’s wrong. But, if the problem stems from a conflict between parent and child, it’s always best for the child to work out their issues with the parent that is involved in the dilemma. No matter how hard it might be, parents should maintain a united front and insist that there is simply no option to visitation. To find out more about child visitation, contact a StraightDivorce.com sponsored family law lawyer to find out how to handle child visitation situations.

Child Visitation Schedules

Child visitation can take on a variety of visitation schedules which may include alternate weekend visits with the non-custodial parent, three-day holidays, mid-week visitation, sharing of the child during periods of school recess, such as winter, spring and summer breaks, major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc., Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, alternative years on the child’s birthday and open telephone contact with the parent who doesn’t have physical custody of the child. Sometimes there is even an exchange of visitation when it is mutually agreed upon and doesn’t require modification of the court order. If you’re eager to come to terms with child visitation issues, why not contact Straight Divorce and allow our sponsoring divorce attorneys to help.

Parental Abuse or Destructive Behavior

If a non-custodial parent has a history of violent or destructive behavior toward the child, the court often requires that visitation between the parent and child only occurs with supervision. Translated that means an adult or someone other than the custodial parent, must be present at all times during child visitation. The court that ordered the supervised child visitation must approve the adult chosen to supervise. To learn more about parental abuse and child visitation, contact the sponsoring family law attorneys of Straight Divorce today. We’ll help you connect to a sponsored divorce lawyer who can also help you with any questions related to child visitation.

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