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Children & Divorce

As a component of the overall divorce website, the primary function of the children & divorce section is to help provide information about your children’s involvement in the divorce.

Children & Divorce Topics

Each year there are approximately 15 million children in the United States alone who experience the end of the family as they had known when their parents divorce. During that experience, due to a great deal of emotional upheaval, parents sometimes behave poorly. Their motivation can stem from wanting full custody, better visitation rights, lower child support payments and a host of other things that impact on children. As parents start to move forward with the divorce, they should remember that children have little say in the matter of divorce therefore, it is important that parents implement the very best parenting skills they possess.

Children Experience a Great Loss During Divorce

When it comes to the dissolution of marriage, even though the parents want out of the marriage, it’s usually the children who experience the greatest loss. The stability they had known is changing and they don’t know what to expect. And because the parents are so caught up in their own pain, they don’t always realize that to a child it feels like they are losing everything. It is in fact a very frightening time for a child and requires great sensitivity to their needs. As parents, it is up to us to help our children make sense out of what’s going on in their lives so that they are not left feeling angry and frightened or left with a sense of distrust towards others.

How Divorce Attorneys Can Help

While divorce attorneys are there to make sure that the parent’s rights are protected, it’s also important for a divorce lawyer to consider children in the divorce process. Being caught up in a legal system that fights for custody and child support, a great deal of hostility can arise between divorcing parents, but a family law attorney can help to peacefully work out the issues about visitation and child support. Children did not ask for the divorce and therefore they have a right to a healthy, positive relationship with both parents. Instead of ignoring a child’s feelings as parents make final decisions, they should be listening to the clues coming from the children. A family law lawyer will help parents put the child’s best interests foremost in the divorce process.

What a Child Deserves After Divorce

When giving thought to what a child deserves after divorce, at the very top of the list is the reassurance that they will have a loving, lasting relationship with both parents. Most of the time children feel guilty and blame themselves for the parent’s divorce. Therefore, it is equally important to make sure they are freed from any sense of responsibility, blame or guilt about the divorce. Above all, there should be no competing between parents for a child’s love. No matter how the parents feel about each other, the child loves both parents and they should feel that they are a priority in both their parent’s lives. They also should be told the truth about the situation. Even though we think they don’t necessarily understand, children have a sense about things and know more than we realize. While it isn’t necessary to give every bitter detail, is it okay to explain what’s going on with the divorce and the divorce agreement. Children also should be allowed to have a voice in their visitation schedules. In addition, sometimes it’s easier for a child to speak to someone besides their parents about what’s going on in their lives, so every child deserves to speak with a friend or family member without interference from the parents.

About the Divorce Attorneys at Straight Divorce

When dealing with family law and divorce issues, a divorce attorney can help make the transition a little smoother. Making the divorce process as simple as possible, the divorce lawyers at Straight Divorce are available for consultation by filling out the free divorce case review or by calling us at 1 (877) 420-6657.

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